New “Traumschiff” episode confuses ZDF viewers: “Why does everyone speak German?”

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Although “Das Tramschiff” was parked far away from home, almost without exception all the characters spoke German – much to the annoyance of the Internet.

VANCOUVER – We went to Vancouver, Canada on Easter Sunday (April 9th) for “Das Tramschiff”. Florian Silberisen (41) aka Captain Max Barker and his passengers, sometimes action, sometimes very dramatic: Corinna Sander (Leoni Brill, 26), a remote teacher believed to be suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS). James Monroe (Robert Seeliger, 56) to appease his illness. Also put to the test are feuding father-son team Rainer (Herbert Ulrich, 51) and Niklas Kromm (Levi Busch, 22).

However, some ZDF viewers only had eyes and ears for this, which runs like a red thread through the ship series: the fact that almost everyone can speak German, even if they are far from the Federal Republic …

“Das Traumschiff” sails to Canada – everyone there knows how to speak German

Even Captain Max Barker reached his limit in the new “Tramschiff” episode: Staff Captain Martin Grimm (Daniel Morgenroth, 59) toyed with the idea of ​​leaving MS Amedia – only at the last minute it became clear that he was. The crew was protected. Before that, the audience was given a lot of plays – and all of them in perfect German, even though they actually stayed in Canada.

Even the receptionist at the local hotel spoke fluent German because his parents had once immigrated to North America, he explained to his new guests, Rainer and Niklas Krom. At the same time, Corinna, suffering from MS, sets out to find James Monroe, the author she admires. She finds out where he lives in a bookshop – otherwise what would it be like – where German is also spoken. And the Canadian writer, whom he actually meets, is impressed by his foreign language skills.

“The Dream Ship” Fans Wonder About “German-Speaking Vancouver” In New Episode

“Why does everyone speak German?” asked one puzzled viewer on Twitter, which featured numerous scenes of locals communicating in German instead of English. He received appropriate responses from other “Das Traumschiff” fans: “German is compulsory in all countries where ‘Das Traumschiff’ docks,” joked one, while another wrote: “Iron rule: It doesn’t matter where ‘Das Traumschiff’ docks – the locals are right, Speak clear German.

Another tweet was sarcastic: “I was briefly annoyed that passengers on the ‘Dream Ship’ had to speak English. Thankfully, all Canadians seem to speak German again.” Other Twitter posts also mocked “German-speaking Vancouver.”

Dream Ship: Bookstore display next to Florian Silberison (photo)
German is very common in Canada – at least in “Das Traumschiff”: even in a small bookstore, travelers can communicate in their mother tongue © Screenshot/ZDF/Das Traumschiff

Of particular interest: the supporting actors, who then only had to say a few sentences, were dubbed to be clearly audible so that they could also communicate in German. If you didn’t like the current issue, you can still be happy because new chapters are already in the works. Most recently, Florian Silbereisen even appeared next to “The Dream Ship” as a guest star. Sources used: “Das Traumschiff” (ZDF; April 9, 2023 episode),

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