June 23, 2024

New to the mailbox: Gmail users won’t like this

Many users are annoyed: Google is switching more and more ads in Gmail – many find this annoying, especially among private emails.

Google has been running ads in Gmail for years, and now it looks like the company is working on increasing the number of ads it shows.

Gmail’s “Updates” filter, which captures emails about orders, invoices, and more, previously didn’t show any ads. However, Gmail now shows two ads at the top of the Updates tab, as it does on the other tabs.

Gmail: Also more ads among private emails

Gmail users complain about too many ads in the mail service.

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Additionally, users report that they generally see more ads in their desktop email list. While it’s unclear if this change will roll out to all users or if there is a way to change ad placement settings, the general consensus seems to be negative.

Google has also installed more ads in its Play Store: if you search for games or an app in the store, you will encounter ads in the search bar and search history.

The origin of this post is from Schmidty’s blog.

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