New problems for Albert and Charlene: the Fürstenhof abuse scandal

“McCandless’ alleged behavior here is very disturbing,” US Attorney McSween said. “Not only did it happen abroad, he went so far as to cross international borders and pretended to be doing church work.” “The innocent children in these photos will have to deal with the aftermath of this alleged abuse for the rest of their lives.”

William McCandless was considered close to Charlene in court

The return of Princess Charlene, who underwent treatment for mental problems in November, now casts a shadow over recent developments in the case. After all, her past relationship with the dissident priest was also discussed in the press. It is said that the clergyman maintained a warm relationship with Princess Charlene and was not only a confessor, but was also a former head of her foundation. Father William McCandless also married Charlene’s brother Gareth Wittstock with his wife Roisin Gavin At a wedding in Monaco, he also baptized his daughter kaya rose. Shortly after the birth of twins Albert and Charlene jack And Gabriella He also visited the royal lineage.

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