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David Cronenberg is not a son of grief. He proves this with such classics as “Die Fliege” or “Videodrome”. His mafia thriller “Deadly Promises,” which is now available by subscription from Amazon Prime, is also reduced to gory subtleties.

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There are only a few filmmakers who have been able to shape the horror genre in a way like Canadian director David Cronenberg. Regardless of whether it’s “Die Fliege”, “Videodrome”, “Scanners” or “Dead Zone”: anyone who deals with horror films should watch these works. With Deadly Promises, now available for download on Amazon Prime Video, Cronenberg tried his hand at the Mafia genre – and delivered a brutal thriller with great actors and an unforgettable battle scene in the sauna!

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This is what “Deadly Promises” is all about.

For 14-year-old prostitute Tatiana (Sarah Jane Labrousse), any help comes too late – the seriously injured girl dies in the hospital. Doctors managed to save the baby in her womb. Nurse Anna Khitrova (Naomi Watts) takes the Diary of the Dead to search for a contact address for relatives. Come across the address of a Russian restaurant.

Her owner Simeon (Armen Müller Stahl) treats Anna in a paternalistic manner at first. She has not yet suspected the evil circles she has gotten. Semyon is one of the prominent leaders of the Russian mafia in London Vory V Zakone. His impulsive son Kirill (Vincent Cassel) is in charge of the bloody operational business, and the hypothermic Nikolai (Viggo Mortensen), the family’s driver and problem solver, protects her. Anna’s life is in danger…

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Departing for a unique adventure

If the organized crime environment is too harsh for you, you might be satisfied with Sean Penn’s leak drama Into the Wild, which is also now available as an Amazon Prime subscription. The true story of Christopher McCandless, who in 1990 decided to leave civilization in order to move into the wilderness, is excelled not only by great visuals, but also by the great starring role of Emile Hirsch.

After Christopher (Emile Hirsch) graduated with the highest grades, he decided not to deal with his bright future career. The young man is not interested in indulging in such superficiality. Instead, he is driven by idealistic values ​​that his wealthy parents do not adhere to. For Chris, one thing is for sure: He has to break out and move on to the world.

>guardian “Into the Wild” on Amazon Prime Video*

After donating all his savings, he set out on a journey across the United States in the summer of 1990 to find himself. His path leads him through California, the Grand Canyon, Mexico, Washington State and finally to Alaska, where he just wants to survive in the inhospitable wasteland by the means that nature provides him. What seems too romantic for too long becomes life-threatening…

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