December 10, 2023

New Icelandic airline: Nicer has to return empty from London after mistake

New Icelandic airline: Nicer has to return empty from London after mistake

Everything went wrong on the first flight. Due to the lack of clearances in connection with Britain’s exit from the European Union, the new airline Niceair was unable to bring passengers from London to Iceland.

From Europe to Northern Iceland – without changing trains in Keflavik. This is Niceair’s business model. But it didn’t work out on the first trip to the UK. On the outbound trip to London-Stansted, everything went according to plan. But from there, the Airbus A319 flew back to Iceland empty rather than with passengers on board.

Passengers have been rebooked on other flights. Instead of going to Akureyri Airport in the north of the country, fly from London-Stansted to Keflavik Airport near the capital, Reykjavik. As a result, the new virtual Icelandic airline has suspended sales of tickets for flights to the UK.

Lost Permits

The airline cites problems related to Britain’s exit from the European Union as the reason. Apparently Niceair does not have permission to take travelers from the UK to Iceland, Icelandic broadcaster writes Ruv. It is said that the British and Icelandic authorities are now working to solve the problem.

But until it is found, the Airbus A319, currently the only aircraft in Nesser’s fleet, only flies to Copenhagen. Flights to the Danish capital take off twice a week. Tenerife will soon be added as a destination.

virtual flight

Nicer is a virtual airline. This means that it has neither its own aircraft nor flight crew. An Airbus A319 once flew for Air Berlin and is now owned by Hifly Malta, which operates it under a Niceair comprehensive service lease.

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Initially, the airline was supposed to be called N-Ice Air, until they made a decision on Niceair. This not only looks nice, but it’s software as well. Nice refers to Northern Iceland, i.e. Northern Iceland.