April 23, 2024

New home for elephant orphans in Victoria Falls |  Free Press

New home for elephant orphans in Victoria Falls | Free Press

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (Ifaw) has liberated six young elephants from their miserable condition and relocated them. Their journey to their new home was long.

Johannesburg (dpa) – Six orphaned elephants found a new home in Victoria Falls after a nearly 1,000-km journey.

According to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (Ifaw), Marcy, Jack, Johnny, Tessa, Mana and Princess were rescued from the dry water holes they got stuck in in the very dry years of 2018 and 2019 under sometimes tragic conditions. Either the dams died out or the offspring were left to their own devices. Mana was also injured by attacking predators. “Every animal has been saved as an orphan from a life-threatening danger,” said Neil Greenwood, Regional Director of IFO, on Thursday.

Transportation of the young animals, which have been temporarily raised near the Zimbabwean capital Harare, began on Sunday. They were released on Monday in the Panda Masuie Wildlife Park, which so far houses nine elephants. “It was astonishing to see the older elephants dart down the hill with excited horns and snore to greet the new cubs; the greeting was great – they tenderly touched each other with their torsos and even rubbed their faces against each other,” says Roxy Danckwerts of Wild is Life (WIL) ), Whose members saved the orphans. Young animals must now learn to confirm their presence in the wild in the future.