December 11, 2023

New electric buses for Hong Kong -

New electric buses for Hong Kong –

Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB), Hong Kong’s largest bus company, has put 16 BYD electric buses into service and has also ordered 52 BYD-ADL electric double-decker buses for delivery next year.

The 16 BYD electric buses that have now entered service are single-decker buses. According to its own data, the KMB had previously completed the testing and approval procedures for the vehicles. Vehicles are used in a row on busy lanes, including Line 6.

KMB already had BYD’s electric monoplanes in the works. In the announcement, the public transport operator praised the improvements made to the new model: it was four percent lighter, increased by 16 percent in passenger capacity (81 passengers) and the charging process was two hours faster.

In addition, KMB purchased 52 electric floors from BYD-ADL. The model was not named in the ad, but it may be a UK-wide offshoot of the Enviro EV400. So the double decker must use the blade battery from BYD and have solar panels on the roof of the car. The range is limited to 300 km, each bus should be able to carry up to 120 passengers.

This will increase the number of e-buses used by KMB to a total of 82 in 2023. After that, it should increase rapidly: by 2025, KMB intends to purchase another 500 electric buses.