July 12, 2024

New Button in WhatsApp: Android Users Finally Get This Feature

New Button in WhatsApp: Android Users Finally Get This Feature


Some time ago, WhatsApp gave iPhone users a new camera button to make it easier to take photos. Now the messenger is extending the functionality to Android.

With the 1x button, WhatsApp simplifies the process of zooming in/out using your mobile phone’s camera. (Source: Netswilt)

A few weeks ago, WhatsApp gave iPhone users a new camera button. This allows for easier zooming using WhatsApp’s camera app.

By pressing the 1x button, you can zoom in on the subject or switch through the zoom modes supported on your cell phone camera. This reduces the risk of camera shake and makes the whole handling more user-friendly.

how Honeycomb information The messaging service is now also testing the feature on Android, it said. The current beta version includes the improved zoom feature, but not at “1x”, but “30x”.

However, the labeling may depend on your smartphone. For example, if it only supports 5x zoom, the button may be labeled differently.

Release date is still unknown.

The new zoom function is located directly to the right of the shutter button. However, Wabetainfo states that the button may only appear after adjusting the zoom level using the pinch-to-zoom gesture.

As always with experimental features, it’s unclear when or if the feature will make it to the final version of the messenger. However, since the feature has been available on Apple devices for some time, we’re pretty sure that the zoom feature will soon be coming to Android phones as well.

WhatsApp also recently introduced an improved data protection option, and work is also underway to integrate artificial intelligence, which will enable image editing and much more.

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