Neue Oberaargauer Zeitung – FDP Däniken: Good attendance at the 2022 General Assembly

05/20/2022 11:01

Various topics were presented and discussed

At the end of April 2022, President Gabi Steigler welcomed a proud number of local party members to the General Assembly at the Tutto Bene Restaurant in Däniken.

danikin She thanked the party members for their large presence in the activities of the Free Democratic Party, and for their activity in the committees, as well as for the financial support. Legal business can be dealt with promptly. The annual accounts submitted for approval were recommended by auditors Martina Flückiger and Boris Amstutz and then unanimously accepted. The annual budget for 2022 was explained by Franziska Hochstrasser and also approved unanimously. There were no elections, the board staff will be staying together for another year, which is gratifying. Before the social part of the evening, Matthias Sutter gave information on the most important works in the period prior to the post from the mayor’s point of view and specifically mentioned the works related to the transformation of the post office building and the merger of the Volg branch, which is scheduled to open on the autumn site in the post office building. The reorganization of the management of the music school and the occupation of this position were also reported.

The use of the post office was also discussed in the question-and-answer session. The planned move from 2024 by the logistics company Planzer to the former post office building can be considered a great success. This ensures that after leaving Meier-Tobler within the year 2023, a new user will move to a nearby location and also guarantees a large number of jobs in the village. Then the Chair was able to close the session and thank everyone again, whereupon Vice President Erika Schranz took the opportunity and thanked Gabi Stigler for her tireless commitment to the FDP on behalf of the Board of Directors and all members and sympathizers. The warm part of the evening with a sumptuous dinner was used to talk about God and the world, but also to discuss political topics.

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upcoming events

Saturday May 21, 2022: Lifting the “Border Trial, Part 2” as part of Switzerland’s moves. The ride starts at 10 am in the front yard of Erlimatthalle Däniken.


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