June 14, 2024

Netflix wants to continue expanding its gaming division

Netflix wants to continue expanding its gaming division

Netflix can bring its own game shows to both PCs and consoles and plans licensing deals.

In a letter to investors, Netflix announced the further expansion of its gaming division

. The company is considering expanding its portfolio

In both casual and basic game genres

. Job postings also refer to expansion into computer and console games.

Netflix wants to buy licenses

Netflix games
It was launched in November 2021 with many mobile games for iOS and Android. According to Netflix, it is satisfied with the current developments. With more games, one now wants to know which titles are the most fun for the users. According to COO Greg Peters, Netflix is ​​booking existing titles

“Good growth”

. However, the company is ambitious with regard to the future. Netflix wants to develop games based on its own brands. This is a multi-year endeavor. In the meantime, it cannot be ruled out that Netflix will also buy the licenses.

“We are open to licensing large IP addresses for games that people will recognize”

Peters explains.

“I think we’ll see some of that over the next year.”

Netflix “Fortnite” contest?

Netflix is ​​also planning so-called live service games. Like “Fortnite” or “Overwatch”, it is updated regularly with new content. This will be an ideal opportunity for the company to retain customers for service.

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