December 9, 2023

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Netflix – This series features the most exciting collection design

This Netflix series has the best design of the collection.

There is a Netflix series that has been a classic since its premiere and impresses with its gorgeous backdrops and interiors. Of course, this does not go unnoticed. That’s why we’ve rounded up our inner favorites on Netflix. Haven’t you watched one series or the other yet? Then turn on the TV and let the cool aesthetics sink in.

Netflix series and its consistent design: This is our favorite

1. Bridgeton

You simply cannot avoid the light-colored backdrop of Bridgeton’s mansions and gardens. The historical drama set in roughly 18th-century Britain can turn out to be a decorative hoax. Not only because of the artistic style of the wallpapers, but also because of the bold mixture of styles, from neoclassical to oriental. There is plenty of glitter and lace too around the landscape. This kitsch will surely find its fans. Incidentally, iconic locations such as Wilton House, Lancaster House in Bath and Greenwich and Castle Howard in York were chosen for filming.


Liam Daniel/Netflix


Liam Daniel/Netflix


© Netflix


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2. “Emily in Paris”

The style in “Emily in Paris” speaks entirely of the style of the French capital. From the protagonist’s apartment in the Latin Quarter with a view of the Place de l’Estrapade to the interiors of Café de Flore – the chain inspires us every time anew. In addition, “Emily in Paris” also offers plenty of virtual sightseeing and allows viewers to visit the Opera Garnier or the Place de Valois on TV.

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