October 5, 2023

NFL Combine - Day 2

NBCSN’s looming exit changes a little bit for NBC Sports and PFT Live

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News by NBCSN It will be over by the end of the year It was met with confusion and surprise (and in a few cases, unnecessary condolences). After all, NBCSN was second only to ESPN’s core network in the sports cable rankings in 2018. But to postpone the Olympics, NBCSN would have landed in the same spot in 2020.

So why pull the plug on a lucrative five-letter math grid? It is part of a strategy that focuses on growth and expansion, not contraction and surrender.

The USA Network will likely emerge as a powerhouse akin to TNT, with a mix of both athletic and non-sports programming. Already in six million more homes than NBCSN, switching some sporting events into the USA Network instantly raises their profile and boosts the profile of the USA Network.

Then there’s Peacock, the new streaming service that continues to grow, thanks in large part to the exclusive presence of all nine seasons. the desk – Plus, extended episodes for the entire third season, and more seasons of extended episodes to come. Last August, the live version of PFT Live He moved from NBCSN to Peacock as part of this transition to a model that gives access to a lot of sports shows (such as PFT Live And its component in the afternoon, PFT PM) For free, no cable or satellite bundles required.

This is where you live PFT Live The show has been around for months, and that’s where it will be. It will also be available to rebroadcast at your convenience.

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For those who don’t want to pay for another streaming service, a lot of content is on Peacock (including the Sports channel with PFT LiveAnd the The Dan Patrick ShowAnd the The Rich Eisen ShowAnd the A brother than anotherAnd the PFT PM And more) free. For $ 4.99 / month, premium content (including all the desk And much more) can be opened. For $ 9.99 a month, it can be consumed entirely without commercials.

But we still don’t want to pay for another streaming service. Well then don’t; Try Peacock and then ask yourself, “Do I like it better than one of the other streaming services?”

If you do, keep a Peacock and discard one of the others. If you don’t, you can still keep the free level of Peacock, including free access to our offers.

You can also hear it PFT Live And the PFT PM Live on SiriusXM 211. You can download podcasts wherever you get podcasts. You can watch clips from the presentation on YouTube. Or, if you’ve been reading these words, you’ll see tons of videos attached to most, if not all, of the stories posted here at PFT.

We haven’t forgotten our curiously powerful followers in the UK and Ireland. PFT Live Still airing on Sky Sports NFL at 7:00 PM local time. Every wednesday, PFT PM It is currently broadcasting live at 10:00 pm local time. (If you want more nights, have more people to watch on Wednesdays.)

So the content is still there, and accessing it is a lot easier than some might suggest. If you have any issues or questions at all about Peacock (I know I’ll regret it but what the hell is that?), Let me know.

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