December 9, 2023

NBA, NFL, NHL: American sports suffer from Donald Trump's legacy

NBA, NFL, NHL: American sports suffer from Donald Trump’s legacy

LeBron James, 36, of the Los Angeles Lakers is arguably the best basketball player in the world today and has champion status among many young Americans. And More Than One Vote, co-founding James, used this in early March to attract political lure.

The initiative, which advocates for the rights of black voters, has spread a passionate spot with sports idol. “Black lives matter,” says the basketball star, accompanied by photos of the protest rallies, “The fight has just begun. Are you with us?”

Last week, on National Day of Work for Equal Pay for Men and Women, Megan Rapinoe, 35, the most famous American footballer, President Joe Biden, visited the White House. During her subsequent appearance in front of the press, she announced a letter. “I know there are millions of people in the world who are marginalized because of their gender and are struggling with the same thing in their jobs. That is why my colleagues and I are here for you today.” The speech has been delivered to the world.

American athletes have never been politically active, and have never played with their celebrities in this way.

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