March 3, 2024

NBA News: Jaylen Brown and Al Horford allegedly vulnerable

NBA News: Jaylen Brown and Al Horford allegedly vulnerable

If the Boston Celtics meet the Toronto Raptors in a playoff series, junior players could lose out on games in Canada. It is alleged that Jaylen Brown and Al Horford have not been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

This was mentioned by Chris Mannix (Sports Illustrated). This could become a problem for Boston, where unvaccinated athletes have been banned from entering Canada since January. The Eastern Conference playoff places are currently fully open, and the Bostonians can meet the Raptors in a post-season context.

If Mannix’s report is correct, the Celtics will have to dispense key players in their away matches in Toronto. As the second star alongside Jason Tatum, Brown had an impressive season (23.7 points, 6.1 rebounds and 3.4 assists). Horford plays a particularly important defensive role with the Celts.

But Mannix said there is still time for the Celtics to change their minds and get vaccinated and are still available for potential play-off matches in Toronto.

The loss to the Dollar slipped the Celtics (50-31) down to third in the East, just 0.5 games behind the Sixers (49-31) in fourth. The fourth-place pick will almost certainly face the Raptors in the first round of the playoffs. Milwaukee and Miami have both reported fully vaccinated. Noble defender Matisse Thiebol, apparently not vaccinated, was missing from The Sixers on Friday night at a guest appearance in Toronto.