July 12, 2024

NBA and NHL: No Canada games for unvaccinated people

NBA and NHL: No Canada games for unvaccinated people

MUNICH – In the fight against the coronavirus, the NBA is continuing its pro-vaccination campaign.

As many media outlets unanimously reported, it will be inconvenient for non-vaccinated players from January 15th, especially when traveling abroad. From now on, these players are no longer allowed to travel to Canada to play away matches with the Toronto Raptors.

The Canadian government recently decided that only people who have generally been vaccinated are allowed to enter from abroad. The NBA is no exception here. In addition, unvaccinated athletes who are not US citizens are now prohibited from returning to the United States when traveling abroad.

The NHL is also tightening its rules

New decisions from the Canadian government affect both basketball players and the NHL ice hockey league: “Players who have not received the vaccination will no longer be allowed to enter Canada. After that, they will not be able to play against the Toronto Raptors in the NBA nor will the Canadian Minister of Health say Marco Mendicino on Friday “in one of the seven Canadian National League arenas.”

It remains to be clarified whether the regulations also apply to Canadian athletes who travel back and forth between the two neighboring countries and have not been vaccinated. Both NHL and NBA teams must submit a list of all unvaccinated players to the league leaders by Friday.

Despite the massive limitations, the mods will in fact have little impact on gaming operations. While 97 percent of all players in the NBA are fully vaccinated, the entire NHL currently has only one player who has yet to receive a coronavirus vaccine.

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