June 21, 2024

Naughty Dog doesn’t want to make The Last of Us forever, with several projects in the pipeline

In the recent past, Naughty Dog has been particularly known for The Last of Us series, but of course the studio has also made a name for itself with the Uncharted series.

However, according to studio head Neil Druckmann, they “don’t want to be the Last of Us studio forever” and are working on new things.

“Several single-player projects” are in development at Naughty Dog

In conversation with Los Angeles Times Druckmann stated that the studio was working on “several solo projects”.

Naturally, he didn’t provide any specific details, but you can expect the focus of the story to remain the same.

“We create experiences that focus on story, characters, and especially relationships,” says Druckmann. “These stories have a kind of philosophical core around which everything revolves.”

In the past, Druckmann had already expressed interest in a third part of The Last of Us. Meanwhile, a multiplayer project for The Last of Us was canceled last year.

This was done explicitly because they wanted to continue making story games and not become a live service game studio.

What do you want from Naughty Dog in the future?

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