June 14, 2024

NATO prepares for possible cyberattacks from Russia

NATO prepares for possible cyberattacks from Russia

US Senior Cyber ​​Adviser Anne Neuberger meets with NATO partners. This is in order to prepare for possible cyber attacks by Russia.

The basics in brief

  • Cybersecurity advisor Joe Biden has begun a trip to NATO partners.
  • This is against the background of differences with Russia.
  • The focus is on resilience in cyberspace.

Against the backdrop of current tensions with Russia, Anne Neuberger embarked on a trip to European NATO partners. She is the cybersecurity advisor to US President Joe Biden.

Talks with allies focus on enhancing “alliance resilience in cyberspace.” This is also with the aim of “further Russian aggression against Ukraine, neighboring countries and our countries”. So it was said on Tuesday from US government departments.

Prepare for any cyber attacks

“Our focus is on ensuring that the United States, our allies, and our partners are prepared for any eventuality related to cyberspace.” This was said by the US government departments. In addition, the focus is on “How we can support Ukraine and each other in the event of cyber attacks.”

In the past few weeks, Russia has amassed more than 100,000 soldiers and heavy equipment on the Ukrainian border. The troop deployment is fueling fears that Russia is planning a major attack on Ukraine.

Some experts believe that Russia is unlikely to invade Ukraine. But they warn of further Russian attempts to destabilize Ukraine. For example, through cyber attacks on critical infrastructure.

Moscow feels threatened by the West

Moscow denies any plans to attack Ukraine, but at the same time has stated that it feels threatened by the West. The Kremlin presented a comprehensive list of demands to the United States and NATO. In doing so, he demands “security guarantees”, including ceding further eastward expansion to NATO.

In written responses, the United States and NATO rejected these demands last week. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said Washington showed a “serious diplomatic path” in the letter. This can lead to a workout.

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