June 21, 2024

Nations League – German volleyball players also lose to Canada – Sports

Arlington (dpa) – The chances of German volleyball players at the Olympics are diminishing after another defeat in the European Nations League. Obviously the choice of the German Volleyball Association (DVV) lost 0:3 (20:25, 15:25, 22:25) to its direct rival Canada. The most successful German striker in Arlington (USA) was Lena Steigroot with eleven points.

DVV selection missed out on direct qualification for Paris last year. The last chance now is the world rankings, for which important points are awarded in the Nations League. Germany still has to rise from twelfth place to tenth place.

However, the outlook is bad. In six of the twelve preliminary round matches so far, the German volleyball players have lost (216.75 points) five times. The huge gap cannot be reduced under the leadership of new national coach Alexander Waibel. On the contrary, Canada (292.97 points), ranked ninth in the world rankings, was able to increase its difference with Germany by about 13 points once it won the direct confrontation.

The German national team’s next match will be against Poland in the evening (8 pm).

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