July 14, 2024

National League Tour – Big wins for Zug and Lions – Bern with miniseries – Sports

National League Tour – Big wins for Zug and Lions – Bern with miniseries – Sports

  • The Zug (7: 2 against Davos) and ZSC Lions (6: 2 against the Lakers) showed no trouble with their opponents, even on foreign ice.
  • Bern beat Umbry for the third time in a row, defeating Bale at the hands of Freiburg.
  • Servet beat Lausanne 3-2 after extra time.
  • In all of Saturday’s matches, the players were awarded prizes With a protest initiated by SIHPU They did not understand the increase in the number of foreigners.

Davos – Move 2: 7

In the duel between the two teams that had the most positive goals on the account ahead of Saturday’s round, Zug clearly retained the lead. Eric Thurrell and Sven Centeller each scored their eighth goal this season, scoring 2-0 in the first third. The match was decided after a double shot by Tobias Geiser and Yannick Zinder within a minute and a half in the middle of the third. After 5: 0, Graubünden raised themselves again and reduced to 2: 5 with Chris Egli and Magnus Negrin, but Jan Kovar and Karl Klingberg brought back the lead with five goals for the captain.

Ambry – Bern 1: 4

SC Bern is slowly but surely gaining speed. Mutzen in Ambry-Buta came in for their third straight win. The defending champions had not been able to do so before this season. Mario Kugler’s team threw morale from the night before (6: 5 win against Lausanne) instantly. Tristan Sheroy (5th) and Simon Moser (21st) knew how to cope with early impotence with Patrick Ensire. At the latest when Jessper Olofsson – the winner of Friday’s match – scored 3: 1 in a 4-minute SCB strength game, the block ended in Wallachia. The last point was Corey Konacher (59) with empty kindness.

Lausanne – 2 nV service: 3 nV

The away team also won Lyman’s third derby this season. Noah Rudd scored the winning goal for Servet in the second minute of extra time. Linus Umarc, who scored 1–0 and 2-2, confirmed Geneva’s reputation as the powerhouse of the league. In between, Charles Haddon and Ronalds Kenens gave Lausanne a 2–1 lead for third place. Two series followed: Servet won for the fourth time in a row, and Lausanne lost for the fourth time in a row.

Lakers – Lions 2: 6

Defensive continue to float on the Lakers. Having conceded the last 7 (against Servet) and 9 (against Freiburg) goals, it didn’t work out at all against the ZSC Lions either. Patrick Gering (3-0) and Raphael Brasil (5-0) managed to excel in numbers. Brucell also scored 6-1 later, before Dominic Eagle tried to limit damage 40 seconds before the end. In doing so, the Zurich side also won their fourth duel against Rapperswil this season.

Biel-Freiburg 1: 4

A strong middle third was enough for Freiburg to score 3 points at Bale. After a deserved 0: 1 deficit after the first siren, “The Dragon” put a shovel on him and turned the game in their favor with four goals between the 22nd and 35th minutes. They fired only 12 rounds at Sealand’s shell. Double scorer Yannick Herren celebrated himself as the match winner. After 3 straight victories, the Bale team was once again a loser from the ice. Guteron took revenge on Sunday’s 2-4 defeat. In the seventh duel with Bill, Saanestädter also achieved his sixth success.

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