Nati striker scores his first Bundesliga goal against Bayern Munich


Grether Forth – Bayern Munich 1: 3
Immediately after the break, referee Schroeder stretches his back pocket and takes out a red card and shows it to Pavard. What happened? In Forth’s counterattack, Frenchman Green aligned his legs from behind. Although he hits the ball, he also risks injuring his extended leg. Or the referee appears in red because Pavard was assumed to be the last man. However, in the iteration, you can see that in addition to Pavard, Hernandez also rushes. The VAR doesn’t get involved – Pavard has to come down. Before that, Bayern Munich advanced 2-0 through Muller and Kimmich. And after the red card? Not much has changed there. Except that the record champions are no longer as overwhelmingly superior as in the first round. BUT: Forth still got a consolation goal. And no one but Cedric Itten striker Natty. More on that below.

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