May 18, 2024

NASA's Mars probe is in hibernation

NASA’s Mars probe is in hibernation

NASA’s Mars Insight probe must conserve its batteries or it will die on Mars.

InSight is powered by solar energy, which is absorbed by a two-meter-long panel. However, unpredictable Mars weather – InSight’s recent lack of winds – threatens the life of the probe.

Strong winds from the wind, which are called “clean-ups”, are required to remove Martian dust from the solar panels in InSight. Business Insider Reports. But that wind did not sweep across the planet sky, where there is insight, and a thick layer of dust accumulated on the probe and could not be charged properly. Yahoo News Mentioned.

InSight receives 27 percent of normal charging power.

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The robot is in good condition and can still operate its moving arm. However, there is a risk of a possible electrical outage. If you run out of batteries, that will also lead to InSight.

NASA is phasing out the various tools on the probe, and InSight will soon go into hibernation. The probe should survive the planet’s winter until July 2021, when Mars is swinging close to the sun.

“The amount of energy available over the next few months will really depend on the weather,” said Chuck Scott of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California and Project Manager Insight.

“We hope we can bring her back to life, especially if she hasn’t slept for long or is dead,” said Bruce Banerdt, InSight’s lead investigator. inside. But this would be a suspicious situation. “

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He continued, “As part of our expanded mission planning, we have developed an operational strategy to keep InSight safe in winter so that we can resume scientific operations as the sun rises.”

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