July 16, 2024

NASA’s Lucy mission is scheduled to investigate asteroids.

NASA’s Lucy mission is scheduled to investigate asteroids.

NASA’s latest mission is ready. Lucy takes off on October 16 towards Jupiter. There, the probe will examine eight asteroids in twelve years.

The basics in brief

  • NASA’s new mission is to visit asteroids around gas giant Jupiter.
  • On October 16, the probe “Lucy” will take off on a rocket.
  • Research into Trojans should provide information on the formation of the solar system.

A new NASA mission called “Lucy” will launch on October 16 in the direction of Jupiter. For the first time, the probe should provide information about the so-called asteroids, which are Trojans About the gas giant, Collecting. On Tuesday, researchers provided information about the details of the mission in a live conference.

So, Lucy must have been seven Trojans over twelve years as well. Another asteroid Visit the main belt. It is expected that the probe will reach the last in 2025. For the first time there will be a file Solar powered rocket away from the sun.

Once there, Lucy will use three different instruments to determine the size, mass and density of objects in Jupiter’s orbit. Their geology can be important clues Shaping our solar system receipt.

Trojans orbit the sun in two groups on the path of the gas giant. About 7000 of them can Noted so far. They are significantly different in nature from asteroids located in the main belt between Jupiter and Mars.

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