June 20, 2024

NASA will provide the first update to Tenacity since landing

NASA will provide the first update to Tenacity since landing

NASA You should declare it a “first chain.” Mars 2020 Mission Rover Endurance.

Friday members of the flight team from Southern California The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) will hold its first press conference since the start of the campaign and rover Real estate On the surface of the red planet in February.

NASA’s Perseverance Rover will broadcast its first HD panorama by March

The conference call and graphic will be posted directly to NASA JPL YouTube Channel It’s 3:30 PM ET.

While not much is known about the news, in a Wednesday release NASA writes that mission controllers “have gone a long way in preparing the rover for the dirt road.”

“ Since landing, NASA’s largest and most advanced spacecraft to date has been inspected and returned to every system and subsystem Thousands of photos From Jizero crater. The space agency said that these checks will continue in the coming days and the rover will do so first. “

“Logging out every system and every major event is an important step forward as the rover prepares to operate on the surface. The main mission is supposed to last a Martian year, or 687 years.” Earth days. “

The Perseverance team not only showcases past successes, but also highlights the “first” that will come after passing the test phase.

NASA honors the invisible character Mary Jackson during a naming party at its Washington headquarters

In a tweet on Wednesday, Iona Brock, the rover engineer from March 2020, said the team had managed to move the rover. Robotic arm.

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In an accompanying tweet from the official Perseverance account, NASAPersevere wrote that the rover “has done a lot”. medical examinationsGet ready for action. ”

“I have reviewed various tasks from my list, including tool testing, shooting, and moving my arms. Preparing for a marathon. ScienceRead a tweet.

Alana Johnson, chief communications specialist in NASA’s Department of Planetary Sciences, told Fox News that the conference was “an updated summary of how all system checks are performed.”

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The briefing includes Assistant Director, Perseverance, JPL, Robert Hough, and Engineer Anis Zarifian, Associate Professor, Project Perseverance, Katie Stack Morgan.

Audience members can ask questions on social media during the conference using the hashtag #CountdownToMars.