May 18, 2024

NASA is looking for a solution to communication problems with Voyager 1 – Science


The Voyager probes have been on the move for nearly 50 years and have now left our solar system. But there are always some hurdles, first with “Voyager 2” and now with “Voyager 1.”

Illustration of the American space probe "Voyager 1".  |  Photo: NASA/DPA

Illustration of the American space probe Voyager 1. Photo: NASA/DPA

Source: German News Agency (DPA).
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Washington (dpa) – After a communication problem with the Voyager 2 space probe last year, NASA is now looking for a solution to the problem of its twin, Voyager 1. NASA said that the probe is sending data to Earth, but it has been unusable since November. This is probably due to one of the three computers on board Voyager 1. A new signal sent by NASA to the rover at the beginning of March has now provided a different answer — one that will likely provide information to solve the problem.

Because Voyager 1 is now 24 billion kilometers away from Earth, it takes more than 22 hours for the signals to arrive. This is why it may take some time before the communication issue is resolved, NASA said.

Voyager 1 (German: traveler) was launched on September 5, 1977, and Voyager 2 was launched on August 20, 1977. Both probes are unmanned. The probe was intended to explore planets in the outer solar system, but it ended up flying beyond the boundaries of the solar system.

Temporary connectivity issues with the sensors occurred frequently. Just last summer, NASA was able to temporarily restore lost contact with the Voyager 2 spacecraft after it accidentally pointed its antenna away from Earth.

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