June 14, 2024

Mysterious play for the deepest content

Mysterious play for the deepest content

In the midst of the seemingly complete disintegration of form, the burial of the queen is an epiphany that has become a ritual for everything that seems to have been overcome – and which gives food for thought.

If proof was ever needed that Western man longed for transcendence, support, and ritual, it would have been provided by the burial of the late Queen Elizabeth II. The images that flood us from days ago seem like they are from another world, but at the same time they are strangely familiar, like back home.

“I will tell you why people around the world are deeply affected by it
What is happening in London these days?
Because it is the absolute opposite of the disjointed/artificial world of awakening,
in which we must live

A few days ago, Eduard Habsburg-Loringen, Hungary’s ambassador to the Holy See, wrote on Twitter in English: “I will tell you why people all over the world are so deeply affected by what is happening in London these days. Because it is the absolute opposite of the disjointed/artificial awakening world that must be We live in it. It’s like getting up. And people do. Amazing.” There isn’t much to add to that.

Modernity sought to destroy everything that was the essence of civilization itself: the centering of society around God, respect for the inheritance of tradition, the rituals of daily life, and the acceptance and transcendence of social role-playing. They have been replaced by a allegedly free-thinking, progress-oriented, “quiet” and equal society, behind which naturally lies an unprecedented abyss of hedonism, self-loathing, hypocrisy, and polarization, for which the individual is now paying dearly. to expose the public.

An entire nation mourns – ritual and orderly

But now, in the midst of the seemingly complete disintegration of form, the burial of the queen became an epiphany that became a ritual for everything that seemed to be overcome. An entire nation gives itself form, for a few days putting its daily life under the priority of mourning – but not out of turbulent passions, but rather of feeling its rigorous translation into orderly symbolic action.

What had always been happening at Christmas for decades (and increasingly shaped by capitalism there) is now being imagined in an entirely different context: a society can set itself a goal that not only unites everyone, but also has no immediate economic purpose, but it is “only” with Symbolic nature – and makes it clear that this is “only” more important than anything else because it touches on the truth.

The brokers mainly come from Germany

Depicting the annihilation as well as the beginning of a new era, and all this under the sign of Christian tradition and in the double reference not only to the true man, but also to the sovereign, that is, the personification of the nation – this is not only a “political spectacle”, but an ambiguous play of the deeper content, which touches on the most fundamental values of individual and collective identity and shows what the monarchy possesses – even if only constitutionally – over the republic: that is, the direct reference to man in himself and all that he has is nothing but an earthly symbol.

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No wonder that there – especially in Germany – must not miss the brokers, who try to teach the British how to reform their society with the usual arsenal of cheap rhetoric: that ritual rebellion by millions of people at home and abroad against the “fad of out-of-form”, even if it lasts a few days Only, it has shown that our cultural land, though largely cleansed, is literally thirsty for the waters of tradition to flourish again.

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