My path is hot – seven packages in the Super Clasico Argentina – Sport

My path is hot – seven packages in the Super Clasico Argentina – Sport – SRF

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In the duel between Boca Juniors and River Plate, the referee pulled out the red card seven times.


Emotions run high

Injury time in the Argentina Super Clasico was tough.

Imago Images / Zuma Wire

Emotions ran high in Sunday’s classic match between FCZ and Basel – no fewer than 4 players saw a red card. Perhaps “Children’s Birthday” is what River Plate and Boca Juniors players in Buenos Aires thought. In the emotional traditional derby, no fewer than 7 players were sent off on Sunday – for the first time in the nearly 100-year history of Duel City.

And all the parcels came in overtime, when there was an uproar after Miguel Borja (93) scored the winning goal over River Plate 1-0. The hosts lost Agustin Pallavicino, as well as substitutes Ezequiel Ignacio Centurion and Elias Gomez. In Boca, coach Jorge Almiron and professionals Miguel Merientil, Ignacio Fernandez and Nicolás Valentini had to leave the field early.

“Sometimes passion takes over the hunting scenes,” former Bayern player Martin Demichelis, who is now a coach at the river, commented about the hunting scenes: “We Argentines hate losing, we’d rather kill ourselves.”

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