October 3, 2023

König Charles III.

My faith is deeply rooted in the Church of England – kath.ch

And so remains the role and duties of the monarchy, as do the king’s special relationship and responsibility to the Church of England – the Church in which my faith is deeply rooted.

In this faith and the values ​​it inspires, I have been raised to feel a commitment to others and to have the greatest respect for the precious traditions, freedoms, and responsibilities of our unique history and parliamentary system of government.

As the Queen has done herself with such unwavering devotion, I now solemnly pledge during the remaining time God has given me to uphold the constitutional principles which are at the heart of our nation.

Wherever you live in the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and territories around the world, whatever your background or beliefs, I will endeavor to serve you with sincerity, respect and love as I have done all my life.”

English King Charles III. Friday He gave his first televised speech. He also commented on his role as head of the Church of England. (pp.)

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