June 23, 2024

MV Agusta: two variants / products of SUPERFELOCE

MV Agusta: two variants / products of SUPERFELOCE

MV Agusta builds the SUPERELOCE 800 retro sports motorcycle in two variants and adds an extra variant of the SUPERFELOCE S with additional gear.

All three variants of the chassis share new side panels for mounting the swing arm, which are stiffer in terms of rotation and longitudinal direction. The fork has been reset to match.

The output of the three-cylinder engine with the crankshaft rotation back remains unchanged at 147 hp at 13,000 rpm, but the engine is now Euro5. In addition, the DLC coating on the bucket dimmers and valve guides reduced friction losses. The exhaust system is new, allowing the torque curve to be much fuller. There are also new injection nozzles that allow greater injection pressure of 0.5 bar. Engine control programming has been further improved for more accurate throttle response and refinement. In addition, the new oil cooler increases the cooling system capacity by 5%.

The MV goes its own way to control the assist electronics. Most manufacturers install Bosch’s 6-axis gyro sensor, and MV has developed its own solution with Milan-based e-Novia. This enables angle and cornering ABS control. ABS is supplied by Continental and specially developed for medium vehicles. Bike Control System now allows steering control on the rear wheel, but intervenes just in time before a rollover. The GPS transmitter built into the electronics enables the motorcycle to be localized at any time.

All models are equipped with a 5.5 inch TFT color screen that connects to the MV Ride app. Settings can be made on electronic devices via the smartphone via this app, and methods and experiments can be shared directly via social media.

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Available in white, SUPERFELOCE S is fitted with tubular enlarged rims as standard. These bikes were previously available as an option. The saddle is made of Alcantara suede faux leather.

The base model (without the S in the model name) rolls on traditional molded wheels and is available in red / gray and yellow / gray. The racing kit is available for Superveloce models, with one seat, Arrow racing three-pipe exhaust system and the matching engine control unit.