December 10, 2023

Der Bund

“Muzzle” on social media – University of Bern stops professors’ presentation on Twitter

In new guidelines, university administration demands more restraint from its scientists when it comes to expressing their own opinions. The rules face heavy criticism.

The University of Bern started a discussion with new guidelines.

Foto: Stefan Anderegg (Archiv)

The University of Bern stands because of profs Inner papers In criticism. In four pages, the university administration informs its employees how to behave in public places. In these guidelines nTakes Social media is very important. The university administration does not see platforms like Twitter as an appropriate framework for expressing their views on scientific topics. «They must be used with great frequency. »

Especially in «Sensitive issues» Management insists on having organizational units «Coordination to a minimum», Before announcing the data. «Personal profiling» It should be avoided. At the request of the management, contributions and discussions should mainly take place in scientific journals and forums.

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