July 16, 2024

Music in the Store: Barix soundtracks for the Swedish burger chain

Music in the Store: Barix soundtracks for the Swedish burger chain

Fast-paced rock and pop during the afternoons to keep staff and tables in motion and soothing poems for the lounge ambiance in the evening. In-store music has a huge impact on the customer’s experience, especially when playing the right songs at the right time. Such is the case at the young Swedish restaurant chain Brodernas Barix has equipped its branches with a new smart sound.

In addition to wireless speaker systems from Loud of Sweden, Barix is ​​currently installing its RetailPlayer solution in around 30 locations to control audio output in a targeted manner. One player at a time dubbed each branch. An additional 30 branches will be equipped with the systems by the end of 2021. The program, consisting of music, advertisements and broadcast content, is offered by Music in Brands, a Stockholm-based company that provides custom background music to retail, hospitality, fitness and health companies across Europe.

Loud Wireless Speakers Sweden in Brodernas (Photo: Barix)

To provide dining areas with music, the fast-growing chain, specializing in burgers and fries, is primarily a live-streaming service to consumers. However, there appears to be an issue with customer service. While searching for alternatives, Brodernas discovered the Music in Brands provider, which in turn brought in a partner Barix and their “Store and Forward” systems. How it works is quickly explained: hash operators download the next day’s music overnight. Thanks to flexible content management and monitoring options, this can be easily supplemented with dynamic live broadcast content. Or through content specially designed by site.

We are witnessing a new era of music in the store

“The latest generation of solutions for providing background music in areas such as retail and QSR opens up entirely new possibilities for branded audio,” says Reto Brader, CEO of Barix. “Networks are getting better and better and can deliver high-quality live audio with greater efficiency and reliability than ever before. By combining Music in Brands, Loud of Sweden and Barix, Brodernas has got a complete in-store solution. It’s not just easy to install and deliver sound. Not only high quality, but it can also be controlled centrally and intelligently. This means that the system is also scalable to meet future requirements such as additional channels or in-store advertisements. “

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In addition to expanding throughout Sweden, Brodernas recently opened two restaurants in Spain. The chain plans to open up to 150 Brodernas sites by the end of 2022 – in Finland, Norway, or the UK. If the Barix system continues to prove itself, most of these branches will also be integrated into the in-store smart music system.

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