Mühringer vintages 41/42: There are visitors from South Africa and Canada for the festivities of the year – Horb and the surrounding area

Moringer, born 1941/1942, met again Photo: Teichbein Photo: Schwarzwälder Bote

Vintage celebration: ex-Mühringers show their solidarity

Horb-Mühringen (TB). 50 years ago, Moringer born in 1941/42 first met him at an old party, at the time at Erika Café. Since then, Kurt Heggis has repeatedly collected the year. Even those who lived elsewhere in the meantime. At the meeting of the Sixties 20 years ago, I was almost done. After that, the distances became shorter.

But she was always cute and we were instantly familiar with each other. Kurt Heggis made music. She sang powerfully with old and new songs and even danced to them.

For the ’80s meeting, there were again some who no longer lived in Moringen. Heiner Zimmer and his wife Marianne, née Hertkorn, have returned from South Africa and now live in Swabia again, Erika Klomfass has returned from Canada, and Relinde Sauer, née Erath, now living in Munich, gathers to celebrate a family reunion at proximity to show their grandchildren where they came from.

Kurt Higgs organized the class meet again. After lunch together in Mühlheim am Bach, everyone gathers for a cozy get-together over coffee and cake in the Kurt Haigis garden.

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