June 22, 2024

Moving from Park Now to Easypark

Moving from Park Now to Easypark

Moving Mobile Car Park Now Easypark

Who operates the parking meter? Park Now users will soon get to know the Easypark app’s time-setting wheel, if they want to. Photo: Easypark/dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

When the exact time is right, you can find out directly in the Park Now app and you will also be notified by email, Eayspark details questions and answers about this subject. Change, if desired, takes only a few minutes. It is not necessary to create a new account, the specified tariff remains the same. However, you must accept the Easypark Terms and Conditions.

According to the company, parking fees can be paid using the Easypark app in more than 3,200 cities around the world. The focus is on Europe, and in Germany about 400 municipalities participate in the Easypark.

But there are other parking app providers as well, including Parkster, Paybyphone, Mobilet, and Ampido. Mobile parking is as easy as it is practical: you can enter the number plate, parking area and the required parking time in the application, which can usually be extended without any problems, but can also be canceled. In the end, you only pay for the actual downtime plus the commission for the app launcher.

Questions and answers from Easypark

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