July 14, 2024

Movie: A Quarter of Silent Movie Icon Anna Mae Wong – Entertainment

Movie: A Quarter of Silent Movie Icon Anna Mae Wong – Entertainment

Anna Mae Wong (1905-1961) was an American actress of Chinese descent whose first appearance was in the 1922 film The Chinese Parrot. Photo: Carl Nesensohn/AP/dpa

She starred alongside Marlene Dietrich and enjoyed success on American television. But discrimination based on her origins was common in Hollywood. Now its shape adorns a coin.

Washington (AFP) – American silent film icon Anna Mae Wong (1905-1961) has received a quarter of a US coin. Anna Mai Wong, given name Wong Liu Cong, was the first Chinese-American film star in Hollywood, according to USA Mint.

Wong has made more than 60 films, including “Shanghai Express” (1932) opposite Marlene Dietrich, directed by Joseph von Sternberg. She was also the first Asian American actress to appear in an American television series. The currency is reportedly set to start trading next week. Accordingly, Wong is the first American citizen of Asian descent to be represented in the US currency.

After experiencing constant discrimination in Hollywood, Wong once traveled to Europe and acted in English, German, and French films. She appeared in theater productions in London and New York. In 1960 she received a star on the Los Angeles Walk of Fame. She died in 1961 at the age of 56.

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According to the US Mint, the 25-cent coin shows the actress on one side and the first president of the United States, George Washington, on the other.

Wong-like coins are part of the American Women Quarters Program, which aims to recognize “American women and their contributions to American history” through 2025.

A coin issued earlier this year by Maya Angelou (1928-2014). She is the first black woman to have a quarter coin dedicated to her.