Most foreign drivers violate working hours. At the top of the Poles

The UK agency’s statements relate only to violations committed on the street, not violations during office work or while staying with a client.

The data confirms what British airlines have long complained about by complaining about their overseas counterparts. The vast majority of violations of working time regulations can be traced back to foreign drivers. In 2020, UK registered carriers registered 3,722 violations. On the other hand, foreign carriers committed more than 21,000 violations.

50% of these crimes were committed by carriers from Spain, Romania and Poland. Polish transport companies registered 3,310 violations. A large number of violations were also committed by companies from Bulgaria, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Portugal.

If you look at the country of origin of unreliable companies, the UK continues to lead. This is not surprising as the majority of transport in the UK is handled by local businesses. However, British airlines committed just 100 more violations than their Spanish counterparts.

DVSA statements also provide information about which carriers are most likely to be in violation of labor law. In total, nine of these companies committed more than 100 violations. No Polish company has gone beyond this limit. The infamous leaderboard is the Romanian cruise Carrion Expedition, which collected 386 violations – more than one per day on average!

It may highlight the absence of the Lithuanian company Girteka, despite Lithuania being represented in the DVSA rankings. This is mainly due to the fact that these violations were committed by drivers of subsidiaries of the Lithuanian giant.

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Trans.INFO analyzed DVSA data and compared it to the Lithuanian business registry. We found at least six companies registered by people working in Girteka. In all, these companies committed 291 working time violations. For example, Trasis, registered by Darius Svambaris (head of the transport department of Girteka Logistics in Šiauliai, Lithuania), committed 65 violations. Three other companies (KLP Transport, Girtrans and Termolita) are also registered by Svambaris.

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