July 13, 2024

Moscow sinks in the snow log

Moscow sinks in the snow log

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Piles of snow are falling in the Russian capital, Moscow these days. In the next few days, the record of 60 cm could be broken.

After hours of heavy snowfall and storms, the Russian capital, Moscow, is heading towards record snow cover. On Saturday morning, there were already 56 centimeters of snow on the streets of Europe’s largest city – more than nearly eight years, the Fobos weather service reported. It is quite possible that the previous record for snow cover of 60 cm, set in 1956, will be broken in the coming days. In just over a day, 75 percent of average February snowfall came from the sky.

Interfax quoted Deputy Mayor Pyotr Biryukov as saying that in the past few days, the Moscow Winter Service swept more than a million cubic meters of snow from the streets. Now an additional 12,000 workers have been ordered.

Snow blocks have caused many traffic jams. The Moscow Transportation Authority has temporarily increased public transport. Many flights have been delayed or canceled at the city’s three airports.

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