May 23, 2024

More than 400 migrants discovered in semi-trailers

More than 400 migrants discovered in semi-trailers

It is said that 400 people were transported in two trucks in a very confined space. (icon image)

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Mexican authorities have found more than 400 migrants – including children, pregnant women and the sick – in two articulated trucks.

Mexican authorities discovered more than 400 migrants in two articulated trucks. There were children, pregnant women and sick people among the people on the back of the trucks, said Tonatió Hernández Sarmiento of the Veracruz Commission for Human Rights. All were housed in a fenced area until federal officials could pick them up.

“Some of them were very dirty and covered in mud, and I think it was because of the conditions in the containers, because of overcrowding,” Sarmiento said. Smugglers try to bring illegal immigrants to Mexico and from there to the United States.

The heads of state and government of Mexico, the United States and Canada discussed the problem on Thursday at their North American Summit in Washington. We announced extensive cooperation, but without going into details.

The three countries agreed to expand legal immigration routes, for example through more visas for temporary workers. They also pledged to facilitate migrants’ access to protected status and to address their reasons for migrating, but they did not provide any specific numbers or timetables.

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