December 3, 2023

More than 13 million Britons have been vaccinated

More than 13 million Britons have been vaccinated

United Kingdom – In the United Kingdom, more than 13 million people have now received their first vaccination against the Coronavirus. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced this in London on Wednesday. Thus, the government is well on its way to achieving its self-imposed target of 15 million vaccines for the first time by the middle of the month. About 520,000 Britons received a second injection. In England – the bulk of the United Kingdom – one in four adults are now vaccinated, according to the government.

On Wednesday, the number of new infections recorded exceeded 13,000, and at the same time, more than a thousand other deaths were recorded. Both indicators are clearly declining. The seven-day infection rate – the number of new infections per 100,000 people in a week – is now about 190 nationwide. The government’s chief medical adviser, Patrick Vallance, was satisfied. This is also of primary importance in the struggle against new mutants.

It was only Wednesday when Public Health England classified a modification of a particularly infectious British virus variant that was detected in Bristol as a “variable of concern” (about: regarding the variant). It also bears the characteristics of the South African variant, which has been linked to decreased immune response in treated or vaccinated people.

Valance said it was a common mutation. So don’t be surprised. The Bristol variant is now more likely to cause an altered immune response. Whether this is the case and how exactly should it be clarified first. “We have to look for it, capture it, keep it under control and test the effectiveness of vaccines in this case.”

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