December 4, 2023

More protection for your smartphone: Deep Scan aims to detect malicious Android apps

Google wants to detect more malware on Android.


Apps can also be installed on Android without the official Play Store. This opens the door to malware. The new scan now aims to protect users from malware.

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  • Android is getting a new protection feature that detects more malware.
  • The new malware spreads mainly via messaging services.
  • Scanning the application code should now also reveal previously unknown malware.

Unlike iPhones, Android users can also install apps that don’t come from the official Play Store. This “sideloading” gives users more freedom, but it undoubtedly also represents a gateway for malware.

There is already a protection function on Android with “Play Protect”. This includes scanning the application and comparing it to known malware. But malware developers are constantly modifying their applications to avoid detection. The Play Protect extension should now detect previously unknown malware.

Changing the form of malware

Specifically, Google is interested in combating so-called “polymorphic malware.” This uses artificial intelligence to constantly change its signature so that it can outperform traditional virus scans. They spread primarily via private messages on messaging services, making them more difficult to detect.

If you install an Android app outside of the Play Store and it hasn’t been scanned before, Play Protect will give it a deep scan. In the cloud, Google analyzes the application code to determine if something is wrong. The feature will be activated first in India, where the spread of malware is particularly bad, and will then be available worldwide in the coming months.

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