October 1, 2023

More news about the evening of the update: the green loading function of iOS +++ Safari 16 has been released for Monterey |  News

More news about the evening of the update: the green loading function of iOS +++ Safari 16 has been released for Monterey | News

About two hours ago, Apple released iOS 16 and watchOS 9 for download and fortunately no major difficulties have emerged so far. Apple issued a press release announcing the release of iOS 16, and finally, fine print is a feature that Apple hasn’t yet revealed publicly.

Optimum charging according to the energy mix
Apple increasingly wants to charge its smartphones with electricity from renewable energy sources in the future — and it has announced a new function called “Clean Energy Charging,” which is set to appear later this year. Apple wants to control when the iPhone charges: if there’s a lot of electricity from renewable sources, the iPhone charges itself – otherwise the cell phone postpones the charging process until later. This feature will likely work similarly to Enhanced Charging, recognizing when a user would normally charge their device. But there’s another point in the small print: “Clean Power Charging” will initially only be available to users in the USA. Apple is not setting a date for an international launch.

Safari 16 for macOS 12 Monterey
In addition to macOS 12.6, Apple has also released another update for Mac users: Safari 16 for the current macOS generation can now be downloaded. Apple introduced Safari 16 with macOS 13 Ventura, and the final version is likely to be released in October. Safari 16 allows you to add your own background and favorite images in tab groups. Additionally, open tabs can now be displayed as a list and website settings are synced across devices using iCloud. Here is the list of official changes from Apple:

Safari 16 brings new features, faster performance, and improved security. for example:

  • On the tab group home pages, different background images and favorites can be added to each tab group.
  • Pinned tabs in tab groups allow you to pin frequently visited websites for each tab group.
  • Displaying tabs in the sidebar allows open tabs to appear as lists.
  • Settings for specific websites are now synced across devices.
  • Powerful password editing allows for strong passwords to be customized to meet specific website requirements.

Safari 16 can be downloaded from macOS System Preferences – update is 134MB. Safari 16 for macOS 11 Big Sur is no longer released, and Apple is only focusing on security updates here.