June 17, 2024

More Adversity for Hockey Canada - Abuse Plaintiff Speaks Out

More Adversity for Hockey Canada – Abuse Plaintiff Speaks Out

The Canadian Ice Hockey League is being portrayed worse and worse.Credit: IMAGO / ZUMA Press

For the first time since the abuse case surfaced around the Canadian Hockey Association, the attorney general has spoken. More trouble looms for Hockey Canada.

The case of abuse involving eight suspected ice hockey players continues to captivate Canada. After officials from the Canadian Ice Hockey Association (Hockey Canada) had to respond to a government panel again last week, the attorney general has now turned to the public for the first time through her attorney.

The woman who wishes to remain anonymous and In a report by the Globe and Mail, Just call EM, and he says, “It was hard to see how the story was told only in parts and not as a whole.” She never wanted this attention, she was only interested in ensuring that actions had consequences and that there was a certain responsibility.

The attorney general’s testimony may cause more inconvenience to Hockey Canada. The association claimed in its first statements after the case became known to the public that the public prosecutor at that time refused to cooperate with the police. EM and its attorney, Rob Tallach, now explain that this is misinformation.

Tallach said his client collaborated with the Ontario Police Department in London in 2018 and will continue to do so. The police recently resumed their investigations into this case, and last week EM not only exchanged views with the police, but also underwent a polygraph (aka: polygraph) interrogation. This showed that the prosecutor did not lie or spread false information in this regard.

These polygraph tests cannot be used in court in Canada. They also make no sense whether the suspected players actually believed that they had committed sexual acts with mutual consent. Tallach says it was just additional information his client wanted to add to the public discussion.

In addition to the London Police, Hockey Canada has also resumed investigations that were commissioned internally. However, EM does not intend to appear at the assembly for questioning. “My client provided eight pages of data, five pages of photos and four and a half pages of text messages. We spoke to the police several times – how often should they do this? “Her lawyer explains the motives.

Tallach and EM explained that it took four days to recover from the abuse incident, but then she went to the police on June 22, 2018 and filed a complaint. The fact that the police ended the investigation in February 2019 without being charged was a setback that the client had to absorb first. That’s why it took three years before EM filed a civil lawsuit.

In April of this year, EM went to the Ontario Superior Court and did exactly that against eight accused players, the Canadian Hockey League and CHL. The parties settled out of court. Hockey Canada paid women millions in severance payments.

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As a result, many sponsors temporarily moved away from the Canadian Federation. Government officials questioned Hockey Canada officials, some of whom demanded the resignation of Federation CEO Scott Smith. However, he dismissed the reason: “I want to be responsible for bringing Hockey Canada to a better place.” (Abu)