December 10, 2023

Montreal players threaten retaliation after horror check

Montreal players threaten retaliation after horror check

A brutal check overshadowed the Montreal Canadiens’ victory in the National Hockey League quarter-finals. The offender is threatened with a bad reunion.

This scene shocks the NHL: Jake Evans scores a blank best and gets badly checked on the head. – Twitter / @ProducerDrew_

The basics in brief

  • Jake Evans of the Montreal Canadiens gets a bad check on his head.
  • The offender, Mark Sheffel of Winnipeg Jets, is facing a lengthy suspension.
  • If not, it will be uncomfortable for the Canadian in the next snowboard match.

The Montreal Canadiens record champion made a successful start to the quarterfinals of the National Hockey League. The team from Canada beat the Winnipeg Jets 5:3.

However, brutal scrutiny overshadowed the opening success shortly before the end of the game. Jake Evans scored an empty plant to make it 5:3. Next, Winnipeg striker Mark Shefley exploded.

With all his might, he checks the scorer against the head. Evans, who celebrates his 25th birthday on this very day, remains motionless. It must be brought out of the ice on a stretcher.

Canadians threaten: ‘Make life in the NHL hell for him’

Fortunately, the whole thing will probably be more or less lighthearted for Evans. Dominique Ducharme, who takes care of the Canadians on a temporary basis, said after the match that Evans did not have to go to the hospital. He’s much better off, but he’s still getting checked.”

What do you think of Canadians who want to give back on the ice to their teammates?

Montreal players demand a long sentence. Otherwise, you will take care of Shivili yourself in the next game. “If he appears on the show again, we’ll make his life a living hell. I think the league will take care of it,” Montreal defender Joel Edmondson said.

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