December 7, 2023

Monster Rancher continues the series on smartphones • JPGAMES.DE

Monster Rancher continues the series on smartphones • JPGAMES.DE

With Monster Ranchers 1 & 2 DX The series received a classic collection on its 25th anniversary at the end of 2021. Executive Producer Kazumi Fujita Already told us in an interviewThat there must also be a future for the brand.

Today we received news that LINE Corporation, in cooperation with Koei Tecmo, has released a smartphone title LINE: Monster Breeder advanced. It is scheduled to be released in Japan later this year. Of course, the new branch also focuses on raising and training monsters.

In addition to the well-known monsters from Monster Rancher and Monster Rancher 2, new arrivals are also promised – all with modern graphics. You should also be able to send monsters on expeditions and compete against each other in teams.

One of the interesting aspects of the series is known to be the generation of monsters. In the original games, this was done by reading CDs. Now they are preparing a method that works specifically with LINE. However, no details have yet been given.

LINE Trailer: Monster Rancher


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