December 9, 2023

Monopop World Cup Premiere: Schneider and Nult Strong

Monopop World Cup Premiere: Schneider and Nult Strong

sTephanie Schneider and Laura Nolte won a silver and bronze medal at the Monopop World Cup premiere. The duo couldn’t prevent the victory of the best pilot in the world, Kylie Humphries from the United States. With regard to the Olympic debut in Beijing in 2020, there should be a nudge. “We didn’t succeed last week, so it’s great that we have succeeded now,” said Schneider, who was still in the lead between the halves.

Humphreys, however, set two records in Altenburg on Sunday, setting the fastest time at 59.47 seconds. The five-time world champion now said on ARD, “It’s so much fun, I fought for discipline.” After four runs, she was a 0.50 s lead over Schneider of WSC Oberwiesenthal. The third place went to Winterberger Nolte, who became the 2016 Youth Olympic champion in the monobob game.

“I don’t have a sledge completely under control yet,” Schneider admitted, “and I would have preferred to win this medal in two with the team.” Nolte was disappointed with her final career, but was satisfied: “I’ve been accepting discipline from the start. She said maybe I clicked with one or the other now.

Two-man Olympic bobsleigh champion Mariyama Jamanka of BRC Thuringia recorded her best result this winter with fourth place. “I can live with that, it was my best share so far, everything was fine,” the biggest critic said, possibly conciliatory words: “But it is not yet in the top echelon.” Kim Kaliki from Wiesbaden came sixth.

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