June 20, 2024

Monkeypox - the second source of infection in the Canary Islands?  |  free press

Monkeypox – the second source of infection in the Canary Islands? | free press

It’s still just a guess. Spanish authorities are investigating whether many people on the tourist island of Gran Canaria have contracted the virus.


Spanish authorities are investigating the suspicion that gay pride parties on the holiday island of Gran Canaria could be another source of monkeypox infection. On Saturday, El Pais newspaper reported, citing sources in the health sector.

The newspaper reported that about 80,000 people from Spain and many other countries took part in the “Maspalomas Pride”, which was attended mainly by homosexuals, from May 5 to 15. Men from Italy, Madrid and the neighboring island of Tenerife, where the virus was detected, are said to have taken part in the festivities. Intimate contact is a possible transmission route for the virus.

The sauna is closed in Madrid

The authorities closed the “Sauna Paraiso” in Madrid on Friday because several men were said to have been injured there as well.

So far, 30 cases of monkeypox have been detected in Spain. On Friday, the media reported that there were also 23 other suspected cases. And the local newspaper “Publico” wrote about the situation in Portugal that so far 23 cases have been confirmed. The first infected person recorded in Germany had traveled from Portugal through Spain to Germany – but it was not initially clear whether he was infected in one of the two countries.

Infections with monkeypox virus are being reported from more and more countries. Possible symptoms include fever, severe headache, backache, sore throat, cough, and often swollen lymph nodes. A rash that spreads from the face to the body is also typical. Rarely, blindness and disfiguring scars occur as permanent damage. (dpa)

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