April 13, 2024

Monday's World Cup - Canada continues despite defeat - Italians and Britain knocked out - Sports

Monday’s World Cup – Canada continues despite defeat – Italians and Britain knocked out – Sports

World Cup on Monday – Canada continues despite defeats – Italians and Britain knocked out – Sport – SRF

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  • Canada lost to Denmark 2-3 in Group A of the World Cup in Finland, but are still in the quarter-finals.
  • Italy defeated Kazakhstan 2: 5 and were relegated.
  • In Group B, Austria won 5: 3 against Great Britain.
  • The Czech Republic defeated the United States 1-0 to advance to the knockout round.

Group a

Canada – Denmark 2: 3 – After the 6-3 defeat to Switzerland, the Canadians were eager to react against Denmark. This attempt failed. Strong Dance by Marcus Laritsen and Peter Regin took a 2-0 lead in the first three places. Mathias Bau increased again in the 52nd minute after a Canadian goal from Max Comtois. The North Americans could not do more than Ryan Graves’s 2: 3. Despite the bankruptcy, the Canadians are in the quarterfinals because a team would be better off after 7 rounds of the Denmark and Slovakia doubles. One point is definitely enough for the dance team to advance against the Slovaks on Tuesday.

Kazakhstan 5-2 Italy In the final match of the group stage the final match between Kazakh and Italians rested in the top division. The Central Asians, who had previously had no points in 6 games, beat Italy 5-2 to advance to Group I. Kazakhstan was the best team with a shooting ratio of 25:11 after 2 periods. But then there was a 3-2 lead. However, at the start of the final third game, coach Yuri Mikhailis decided the team. Roman Starchenko and Nikita Mikhailis took a 5-2 lead in the 44th and 47th minutes.

Group B

Austria – Great Britain 5: 3 – Like in Group A, there was a clash in Group B in the fight against elimination. 60 minutes later Britain had to win against Austria. It was good for a long time, after 2 thirds they took the lead 46 minutes 3: 1 after 2: 0. But with a knife to their neck, the Austrians really changed things. Dominic Heinrich, Benjamin Nisner, Thomas Raffles and Peter Schneider changed the game with their goals. Great Britain was pushed to Division I.

United States – Czech Republic 0: 1 – Fighting for third place and qualifying early for the quarterfinals became a matter of intimacy. The Czechs won the match against the United States 1-0 and advanced to the knockout round. Madage Blumel scored in the 8th minute of the match. The Americans could push through the last 8 on Tuesday. One point against Norway is enough to make progress.

SRF Two, Sportlive, May 22, 2022, 7:00 p.m .;

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