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  • A total lunar eclipse will occur in Switzerland on Monday morning.
  • But astronomers aren’t really happy.
  • Sometimes there are more intense clouds, but above all, maximum darkness is reached only after the moon sets.

    Monday morning there will be another total lunar eclipse in Switzerland, the first since January 2019. However, astronomers’ delight is limited. Lots of clouds expected Monday morning, especially in German-speaking Switzerland and in the south. This makes observing the low moon more difficult. But the timing of the eclipse is much worse.

    The total eclipse does not begin until 05:29. At this time it is already light, one speaks of the so-called civil twilight, and the sun is only about 3 degrees from the horizon. On the contrary, the Moon itself is only above the southwestern horizon.

    Monitoring conditions are getting worse with each passing minute. In the Zurich region, the sun rises at 5:46 in the morning, and shortly thereafter the moon certainly disappears below the horizon. In theory, that moment is 05:50. The further west, the better the chances of observation. However, the maximum sum does not occur until 06.12.2016.


The further west, the better the chances of observation.

stone key

The next opportunity won’t come until 2025

    We remember fondly the two total lunar eclipses of September 28, 2015 and especially on July 27, 2018. At that time, the eclipse occurred under almost clear skies and on a balmy summer evening. The eclipse on January 21, 2019 can also be observed well. We haven’t seen a total lunar eclipse since then.

    Patience is also required for the future. There is indeed a total lunar eclipse on November 8th, but it cannot be observed from Switzerland. There will be another total eclipse on March 14, 2025, but it can only be observed as a partial eclipse from our point of view. Only on the evening of September 7, 2025 there will be another total lunar eclipse in Switzerland.

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