Modernization expands unused biomes with treasures, monsters, and structures

From Michael Miskolen
Have you ever explored all the Valheim biomes and defeated your ultimate bosses? Then expand the still unused biomes in Surivival game with additional treasures, monsters and abandoned structures using one of the mods shown below!

Suvival Valheim game consists of a series of biomes with their final bosses. In order for new biomes to be created with new bosses, players have to wait for the next official Valheim update called Iron Gate. Unfortunately, there are some other updates without biome content in between. Fortunately, there are still some people who are starting to expand unused biomes.

Walheim: The Ashenland has expanded and deeper to the north

Several mods should work on NexusMods, the as yet unused biomes in Valheim To fill in the content. In the survival game, for example, there is actually Ashlands or the Deep North, which can also be freely explored in the game, but it is not filled with any life. After all, Valheim is not fully developed as an Early Access title. These innovators have now expanded these biomes with new enemy types and environments.

Called the Ministry of Defense Forgotten Biomes For example, it breathes life into deserted grasslands and in the deep north. Inauspicious rock swarms and sometimes skeletal heads can be found here, while carbuncle lands can only be spared with adequate fire resistance. There are a lot of ores that can be found in both biomes. Buildings not used by developers such as stone towers, castles, or old stone columns can be added to the options.

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Walheim update: the player builds an airship with creative means

the mood Monsternomicon Forgotten Biomes is inspired by and adds four other types of enemies and a secret little boss (a fire-breathing dragon) to Ashlands. These opponents are extremely powerful and so you must be well prepared to take on them.

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