December 11, 2023

Mobile and internet tariffs can be canceled more easily

Mobile and internet tariffs can be canceled more easily

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From December 1, consumers will have an easier time getting out of their telecommunications contracts. Photo: Kristen Klose / dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

Until now, for example, mobile phone or internet contracts are often automatically extended for a year if they are not terminated in time. However, due to a change in the Communications Act, consumers will now be able to cancel on a monthly basis after the minimum contract period has expired. This applies not only to new contracts, but also to existing ones, as the Consumer Advice Center North Rhine-Westphalia explains.

Consumers are also better off when they move: In the future, customers will even be able to opt out of their contract during the minimum contract period with a one-month notice period if the provider cannot provide services previously booked in their new place of residence, for example, if Internet speed was lower. The same is true in the event that a contract already exists when moving with another person and therefore the connection is busy.

From December, providers will also have to inform their existing customers in writing once a year if their tariffs are now available under better conditions. With the switch, consumers can escape old, expensive contracts.

NRW Consumer Advice Center on Changes to Communications Law

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