Miserable cargo ship Ever Geffen – Suez Canal Authority talks about $ 1 billion loss – News

  • The Suez Canal Authority expects heavy losses after a full day of siege on the cargo ship “Ever Giffen”.
  • The agency chief said the damage and loss was being calculated and was likely to amount to $ 1 billion.
  • The giant container ship Evergiven, which ran aground in the Suez Canal, was discovered on Monday. This has enabled the resumption of traffic in the waterway, which is very important for global shipping.

The 400-meter Ever Geffen closed the road to at least 369 ships waiting for nearly a week, causing delays in global trade and supply chains.

But the head of the authorities, Osama Rabie, did not answer the question of who would pay for the delay in the ships.

“I can very well imagine that late ship operators will now bill the owners of the wrecked cargo ship,” said Jensen, founder and managing director of SeaIntelligence, a Copenhagen consulting firm that specializes in container ships.

Jensen told “Echo der Zeit” that he would be surprised if only $ 1 were paid in compensation. Compare the situation to a highway traffic jam after an accident: “If you come to work half an hour late because of a traffic jam, you cannot bill the person who caused the accident and claim the lost work time. The same thing here.”

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