September 30, 2023

Mirror Universe: Are there inverted twins in our universe?

Mirror Universe: Are there inverted twins in our universe?

In the beginning there was a big bang. This is considered to be the beginning of the birth, place, time and matter of our universe about 13.8 billion years ago. But the Big Bang is not just the beginning of our universe, what if one second’s reflection with the exact opposite properties of the double universe?

What science fiction series look like Star trekking And Darkness Playing as a theme for a long time also serves as a source of inspiration for researchers. A scientific team from the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Ontario, Canada, has taken this idea and developed a new theory about the glass universe. Theoretical physicists and astronomers published their findings in the 2018 issue of the journal. American Physical Society. Now they deliver on stage ArXiv New, powerful arguments to support their theory.

Gemini with opposite zodiac signs

Using the calculations, the research team determined what would happen if the generally symmetrical rules for particles and keys were extended across the universe. This is called CPT symmetry States the following: a process of converting the parameters of matter, time and space into an antimatter, the reverse direction of time and the reflected space corresponding to the laws of physics – so it is possible.

Therefore, it is fundamentally possible that the Big Bang is not only our own origin, but also the origin of a reflective universe that has formed in the opposite direction to it. In theory, instead of an excess of object, time and place, the opposite sign would prevail. This means: there will be more antimatter and reflected spatial positions in the glass universe. In addition, the understanding of time in the glass universe will be different: time also runs in a straight line, but in exactly the opposite direction. “The universe before and after the Big Bang can be seen as an anti-cosmic pair,” explains lead author Neil Drock. Together the two universes can even fulfill all the rules of CPT symmetry – something our universe alone has not yet been able to do.

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